Our integrated approach and ongoing commitment to sustainable and responsible business practice. Zero harm extends beyond the protection of our people to the communities in which we operate and our corporate footprint.


Our approach to the protection of our environment is based upon the methodical and robust identification and control of risk throughout all phases of our projects. We remain committed to avoiding, if not minimizing, any environmental consequence from our projects and where possible have a lasting positive impact on the footprint we occupy.

Reconciliation Action

Primero recognise that positive relationships between a company and Indigenous groups are essential to socially responsible operations within remote communities. The business is committed to protecting Indigenous cultural heritage and our employees and sub-contractors will act in a way that respects and protects the cultural heritage of the traditional landowners.

Primero is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the highest calibre of employees in accordance with our recruitment and selection procedure. We are committed to identifying relevant and appropriate areas within the Company where positions for indigenous Australians or businesses may be developed, and implementing specific strategies aimed at assisting Indigenous people to increase access to employment. We are committed to the shared goal of sustainable community development.

Primero recognise the cultural heritage and rights of Indigenous Australians and aims to develop, maintain and promote social awareness and respect throughout our workforce. Primero will ensure that where appropriate, relevant training and development opportunities are provided in a culturally appropriate manner.

Primero has a strong commitment to mining organisations, industrial / construction companies and to the local community to satisfy their general service needs. Primero has a policy of local employment and is focused on environmental improvement and protection.